By working with a broad range of recruitment consultancies, from recent start-up agencies to global recruitment players, we aim to ensure our candidates get the right opportunities for their continued career growth.

Our clients also benefit from an open and honest culture where our consultants are encouraged to think creatively to provide effective solutions to staffing requirements.

For us, success is when both the candidate and the company see the placement as an excellent opportunity well taken.

Everybody who works in recrutiment needs to have a thorough and detailed knowledge and understand of employment law issues, to ensure that they are acting within the law. We use a firm of personnel support providers so that we are trained and supported on employment law, so that you can have full confidence in our recruitment processes.

New scheme for workers and employees in the capital

The CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) test is a fundamental test that offers  knowledge of health and safety on a building  site. The test not only about your knowledge in health and safety, but also gives you the right to have the right CSCS card which shows you have the knowledge to practice your occupation on site both safely and efficiently. There are a few different types of CSCS tests which can be taken depending upon your occupation and job role in construction.